Should You Lift Heavy Weights or Light Weights to Build a Booty?

Should You Lift Heavy Weights or Light Weights to Build a Booty?


The best way to grow a booty is lifting...

a) heavy weights for low reps 

b) light weights for high reps 

c) moderate weights for moderate reps

d) all of the above

 If you answered "all of the above", I'm sending you a virtual gold star!

The answer is "d" because all rep schemes are important if your goal is to build a strong, curvy backside! 

You can see how I put that into practice in this free workout

There's a super scientific explanation for this, but I'll keep it simple... 

Basically, your glute muscles are composed of a BLEND of fiber types, meaning they are both "fast-twitch" and "slow-twitch". For some context, fast-twitch muscle fibers are great for strong, explosive contractions, but tire out quickly, whereas slow-twitch muscle fibers are great for endurance, but aren't very powerful. It's be shown that gluteus maximus (the biggest glute muscle) is roughly 52% slow-twitch and 48% fast-twitch¹, so clearly we need to take a multi-faceted approach to building a nice butt.

Based on that research as well as heaps of anecdotal evidence, your training should have a mixture of weights and rep schemes to ensure that you're hitting allll of the fibers and maximizing your potential for growth! 

In short, your training should consist of three different weight/rep schemes:

  1. Heavy weight for low reps (1-6 reps) 
  2. Moderate weight for moderate reps (8-12) 
  3. Lighter weight for high reps (15+) 

Note that not every workout needs to have  all 3 (heavy/moderate/light), but you should make sure that you are covering all ends of the spectrum in your overall training program!

Also keep in mind that when I say "lighter weight", this isn't an excuse to go easy-- you still need to choose weights that are challenging for that number of reps. So if you aren't feeling fatigued at the end of your set, it's time to up the weight! 

All in all, your best bet for building the booty of your dreams is mixing in a variety of weight and rep schemes and continually challenging yourself. 

To give you a concrete example of what that might look like, you can grab a FREE lower body workout from me right HERE! 


  1. Johnson et al. 1973 | Data on the distribution of fibre types in thirty-six human muscles. An autopsy study.


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