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Sculpted Strong: Volume 1

This program is designed to strengthen and define your muscles in all the right places. It will help you build a balanced physique, with particular emphasis on glute hypertrophy (muscle growth). In addition to 6 weeks of workouts, you will also receive tons of bonus material to help you maximize your progress.

Over 45 pages of content including workouts, tips on nutrition and training, supplement guide, FAQ and more!

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Macro-Friendly Meals
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Macro-Friendly Meals

This ebook contains over 40 recipes, including breakfasts, savory meals, quick snacks, desserts and more! I took all the guesswork out of making your favorite meals macro-friendly. Each one contains a photo, full ingredient list, step by step directions, serving suggestions and substitutions, as well as the macronutrient and calorie breakdown per serving. Whether you follow each recipe exactly or simply need some new ideas, you will love what this ebook has to offer!

Over 40 Recipes, Ingredient Lists, Macro Breakdowns
and more!

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